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I am a Psychotherapist (practicing Biosynthesis- holistic and somatic Psychotherapy), Consulter for Couples as well as a Movement and Qi Gong therapist. I studied Literature and Esthetics in Belgrade and worked as a teacher for a long time. Through Yoga, Thai Chi and Qi Gong, all of which I has been practicing since early youth, I discovered the body as an essential source and got inspired to study somatic psychotherapy. As I got acquainted with the work of Andrea Juhan (in 2001) I deeply fell in love with it. Since that time I am dancing with great passion, since 2017 I graduate as a Open Floor Therapist. No matter whether if a am teaching in different Schools for Psychotherapy (IBP, IEF) or giving workshops or individual sessions, body, dance and movement as essential principles for development and growth are always included. I loves to combine dance, teaching and travel, enjoys giving workshops in new places and different countries. But mostly I am satisfied if I can support Individuals in their personal process of healing.


"While I am sitting still, doing nothing, the spring time is arriving and the grass is turning green." (Zentrin Kunshu)

Tao/ Wu Wei My inner therapeutic approach can be best described by the Taoist concept of wu wei (action without intention, non-intervention). Wu wei denotes a complete absence of any kind of obtrusiveness or violence. It is the principle of non-intervention by our free will. The principle of flowing and going along with the nature of things – gently, but with the persistence of water

As a therapist, I endeavour to act without intervening - I neither show clients the path, nor stand in their way. In order to perceive and support the natural flow of their life, apart from my professional knowledge, first of all, I need to possess the ability for a mindful and compassionate observation.

„Every quest starts and ends in the inner kingdom of the soul“

Anam Ćara"The Friend of the Soul" (Gaelic): Companion on the path to the inner realm of one’s soul, As an outside force: a companion; as an inner force: to be familiar with one’s own soul. Anam Cara can see the human soul behind his character-facade and supports him in the perception of his own qualities, as well as in their further development and integration in everyday life.

My main task as a therapist is to establish a good alliance with the clients’ qualities and abilities, thus supporting him in his growth and in overcoming his conditioning.


Languages / Literature

Reading was my first passion, which has influenced my life deeply. Studying Literature and Aesthetics at the Belgrade University gave me a great pleasure and satisfaction.

Soul / Spirituality

At the age of 23 I started practicing yoga, meditation and various self-development techniques systematically and intensively.


While studying Biosynthesis (Somatic Psychotherapy) I was given an opportunity to pursuit my third big passion – exploring the human psyche.

Dance / Body / Movement

I discovered the body as a source of joy, and dance as a possibility of the soul expression relatively late. And since then, I have worked passionately on inspiring both myself and others to body and soul playfulness.

All these areas make an important part of my professional practice as a psychotherapist.


  • Studies of Literature, Publicity and Aesthetics, graduated from Belgrade University in 1983
  • Complementary Studies in Psychotherapy - Sciences, Zurich, graduated in 2000
  • Psychotherapy Education at IIBS (International Institute for Biosynthesis), Heiden, completed in 2002
  • IBP Couple Consulter since 2017
  • Therapist for Therapy in Motion, Open Floor Movement Practice, Californien, since 2017

Further Professional Education

  • Trauma-therapy, Focusing, Sexual Awareness
  • IS-TDP (Intensive Dynamic Short Psychotherapy)
  • Dance and Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Systemic Therapy
  • Kinesiology, Yoga, Qi Gong
  • Different positions including teaching, nursing and bookselling; also worked as a movement therapist and a linguistic consultant.
  • Gained experience as an interpreter and a translator in her own translation agency
  • Many years of teaching experience in literature, literary criticism and aesthetics (School of Applied Linguistics, College for Language Professions, Zurich, 1994-2002)
  • Six years of clinical practice as a body-oriented psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital (2000-2006)
  • Own practice in Chur since 2001 and psychotherapeutic practice in Zurich as well since 2012
  • Longtime Assistant to Dr David Boadella and Dr Silvia Boadella, Institute for Biosynthesis, Heiden
  • Longtime Experience as Co -Leader of Education for Couple Consulter (IBP)

Private practice for Individual and Couples therapy, Supervision and Coaching. Supervisor and Trainer at IIBS (Institute for Body Psychotherapy Guest Teacher at IBP, leading Dance Workshops and Educations for Therapist Workshops and lectures in different psychotherapeutic institutions and countries (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Morocco, Austria,Brazil...).